Maps of the Week #1


Hello, guys!

We know how amazing our community is when it comes to making maps. We’ve seen a lot of really good maps and we’ve had a lot of fun playing them, but we want to make sure that you don’t miss out on these!

Yes, we have the Editor Picks and Popular Maps, but we want to give new maps a chance. Who knows? One of these might become a community favourite.

This is why, from now on, we’re going to bring you the Maps of the Week!: featured community-made Gunscape maps.

Every Friday, we’re going to highlight one or more community maps (they can be any type of map: co-op, free for all, CTF, etc). We're going to pick our favourites from all the maps that the community has made between the Friday and Thrusday before the post is made.

These maps are going to be featured in our social media channels! Our Facebook, Twitter and the Gunscape Facebook. And of course, you’re also going to be featured in our Editor Picks.

Sounds good, right? So let us tell you what you need to be featured:

Conditions to be featured

  • You need to create your map between the Friday and Thrusday before the Map of the Week post comes out (example: today is the 27th so we considered maps created from the 20th to the 26th).
  • Your map needs to include screenshots (if you don’t know how to do this, we made a tutorial post!).
  • You can make your map on Friday and keep editing it during the week, but we’re going to judge it on the day before the post comes up (Thursday) so it has to be ready by then.

Let us know if you have any doubts about this, and make sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter, and the Gunscape's Facebook page.


And now… this week’s winners!

Title: Castle of Terror

Creator: Antimof

Castle of Terror is a fun co-op level with an interesting and immersive story. The castle itself is really well designed; it’s a bit of a maze with different rooms and corridors that you’ll have to investigate to be able to progress (hint: check every room thoroughly or you might miss some important items). You also get just the right amount of weapons and health packs to survive, which makes the level very exciting.

Title: The Cave

Creator: Zero

What do you do when you’re trapped in a cave with dinosaurs? You fight! This is what The Cave is all about: a short but fun map that will have you fighting different dinosaurs with weapons like bows and arrows and Headhunters. If you want a fast-paced map that will keep you on your toes, this might be the one for you.

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Screenshots and Intro and Outro Texts

Hello everyone, this is a tutorial to set up screenshots, and intro and outro texts for your Gunscape levels.

Intro and outro texts can make your levels more immersive, and if you want to not only have a fun and entertaining level, but also a good storyline, you will need these!

Additionally, screenshots are the first impression that other players are going to get when they’re choosing which level they want to play. They might be the deal breaker.

We’re also going to start featuring more levels really soon (like our Halloween ones!), and we need good screenshots of your levels for that, so don’t forget them!

Intro Text

To set your introductory text up, go to Map Settings, and click on Campaign Config, you will get the Intro/Outro Settings menu. You need to type your title and your story there.

And you’ll get something like this:

Outro Text

First of all, you need to know that to set an ending text, you need to have an exit door. An exit door allows the person who just finished a level in campaign mode to exit the level. And if you don’t set up a door, you won’t get the option to set up an outro text.

To do this, just use the Generic Exit block and place it where you want your campaign to end.

Then press "Q" while facing the door and you’ll get the door’s setting options. To set up your outro text, just click on Setup, right next to Endscreen Editor.

You’ll be taken to the Intro/Outro Settings menu again, and to set up your outro text, just type it on the boxes.

If by any chance you accidentally delete your exit door (like I did), you’d have to set up your outro text again, but you can also press “F” on your keyboard, and that will take you to a menu, where you only need to click Undo Action to bring your door back.


You can set up 3 screenshots for your map: a Map Selection Screen, a Campaign Intro image and a Campaign Ending image.

To set up your pictures, go to Map Settings, and you’ll get 3 red boxes.

Click any of them and you’ll be taken to this menu, where you have to click one of the boxes again, and you’ll be taken back to the game. From there, you only have to point and “shoot” to take a screenshot.

Remember that you can also fly like in creation mode, so you are able to take big shots of your level if that’s what you want!

Once you’ve taken the screenshot, you’ll be back in the previous menu, and you only need to select which screenshot you want to set up, and click on Apply Screenshot. You can also repeat this as many times as you wish with the Retake Screenshot button.

We hope that this tutorial will help you to customise your levels even more. And remember to add screenshots to your levels so we can feature them!

Do you have a feature within Gunscape that you'd like us to cover in more detail in a post? Let us know in the comments below!

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Halloween Competition Winners

Happy Friday 13th!

We've loved seeing all the creative maps you've come up with. Some of you took advantage of the Halloween content (if you're reading this and don't have it, check the forum, Steam forum, and Gunscape Facebook page and try some of the codes- there might be a few left!), others tried out some of the ambient lighting, and some started creating maps with amazing layouts that have truly inspired us!

Unfortunately, there can only be four winners of this competition. However, we will be more regularly highlighting our favourite maps, so make sure to always add a Level Screenshot to your map so players can see what they're going to get themselves into when it's published on the front page.

So, below are the four maps that won our competition:

creator: jack

A short map, but it deserves a special mention; not only is the title a great pun, combining Hell and Halloween, but the level design is unusual and reminds me of the Red Room in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. jack has put together a map that, while not as long as some of the others, is just as memorable and appropriate for the theme. This is definitely one to check out if you want to see some non-traditional layout. 

title: Terra Security
creator: ThirstySenpai

ThirstySenpai’s Terra series is highly rated, and it's not hard to see why. Terra Security is the second of the Terra Trilogy (though we are hoping to see more in the series!), and it provides a well thought out map with a good combination of location puzzles, jump puzzles, stealth and blinding attacks. If you like this, make sure to check out the other maps, Terra Tower and Terra L0CKD0WN (multiplayer required).

title: The Adventure of Myster Guy [Chapter 2] The EVIL Has Come

A great, creepy level with great progression. Part 2 of the Adventures of Myster Guy series, this second installment is entirely playable as a single-player. Try to chase down the elusive Myster Guy as he leads you deeper and deeper into peril. Also check out some of @BOXPlayer@’s other maps, as there is a wide variety of map themes and game styles for you to try.

title: jungle base
creator: LMinecrafter

Jungle Base is a classic little campaign map. It features lots of windey paths scattered with enemies, a good combination of weapons, and a good mood and level tempo. It's well balanced, as well, and encourages and rewards exploration. Overall, a moderately short but satisfying map.

Thanks for your awesome maps guys, we will be in contact with you all soon to organise your digital rewards!

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Quick Gunscape Lighting Overview

Hi all, this is a quick tutorial on using the various Lighting features of Gunscape to create ambience in your levels.


When building a level in Gunscape, it’s easy to forget about using lighting. Lighting can be a really good way to guide and communicate to the player, and done well, should feel seamless. I’m definitely not a lighting artist (it’s a highly specialised field!), and for the Campaign I had lots of help from the art team to make the levels look and feel great. But, I can tell you some functional tips and tricks to help you gain control of your map’s lighting!



Ambient Lighting & Fog

These two are in the “World Configuration” part of the “Map Settings” menu.

Setting a specific Ambient Lighting and Fog is a great way to set the overall feeling of the level. Think of it as like an undercoat for your entire map. The colour will apply to blocks and props, but not enemies.


Ambient Lighting applies a flat colour tint to all the objects on the map. Making it closer to white gives the map a flat, clean, true-to-art colour. Making it closer to black makes the map darker, as a black light is applied to the entire level.

Fog is a great way to control the player’s depth of field within the level by obscuring distant details with an opaque, coloured haze.

Editing either brings up a Colour Chooser popup, which has Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha options. The RGB work like light, so they are an additive colour mixer. Ignore Alpha for both Ambient Lighting and Fog.


Fog also has an additional control: Density. Density controls how much “creep” the Fog has, or how thick it is. This can be used to control how far players will be able to see, and colour can be used to hint at cloud, smoke, fog, mist, or darkness.




Lights are found within the “Props and Special” section of different packs.


Lights are “triggerable.” This means that they can be set to be on or off (enabled or disabled) by default, and can be set to then turn off or on through the use of a trigger (a switch, pressure plate, terminal, boss death, or the player is standing near it). However, you cannot change the colour or brightness of this light.



Light Blocks

Light Blocks are found in the “Default” pack under “Props and Special.”


Light blocks are “editable,” and can be used to change the ambient lighting of a particular point. They have the same Colour Chooser as the Ambient Lighting and Fog, as well as two additional options: Strength and Range. Strength is how much of the colour it omits: 2.0 is strong colour, and -2.0 is black tinted with the colour’s complimentary (think of the negatives as “removing” that colour from the ambient lighting). Range is how far the light spills, so a higher number means that the light will affect blocks placed further away, while a lower number means that the light will only affect blocks closer to where to light block was placed.




Your turn!

I hope this very brief overview has helped you understand some of the different ways you can start using lighting in your level designs.

How are you going to combine the different forms of lighting in your next map?

Do you have a feature within Gunscape that you'd like us to cover in more detail in a post? Let us know in the comments below!


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Giveaway! - Halloween 2015

Lock your doors. Close the blinds. Turn off your lights and stay inside. Jack roams the street tonight. 

Jack, trapped between above and below, of the world but not in it, returns in the hope he can find a home, at last. Too wicked for heaven, too tricky for hell, undeserving of the Otherworld and yet without a foothold in this one. Trapped within the inbetween, he has only a coal provided by the devil, that he may find his way. 

Don’t worry about the shadows; worry about the light which casts it. 
Worry about the flicker of flame in a still room.
Don’t be afraid of the dark; be afraid of who lit the lanterns.

The devil gave him this light.

Legend says to set out a pumpkin, or a turnip, carved out with a light inside, to trick Jack into believing that you too are lost. Some say that if you carve a face, he will think that the lantern is a body he can inhabit. But I know that Jack is a trickster, who cannot be trusted. Stingy, Spring-Heeled Jack, with his cold, clammy fingers that Rip and tear at clothes and faces and bellies… He’s spent too long between worlds, and he’s bored. 

A trick on you; a treat for him. 

Now he is here- and here he stays! 

Our special Halloween content pack is available now!

Content in this pack:

  • Enemy: Jack
  • Prop: Halloween Skeleton
  • Prop: Pumpkins

Grab these for free by using one of the codes below (and please comment which one you take!)