Gunscape version release notes

This is a BETA version. There are some bugs, however we believe the game is a LOT OF FUN. So please give as much feedback as you want on our forums!

Version 0.5.5359 (26/02/2015) notes:

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • More UI polish
  • Vouchers!

Version 0.5.5334 (25/02/2015) notes:

  • Offline crafting fixes - block states should not rewind now
  • Miscellaneous block and element fixes
  • Tweaked block list scrolling
  • Dead enemies no longer have colliders
  • Start of UI polish
  • Game server creation process changes - now choose maps and then choose the game type in the lobby.

Version 0.5.5239 (12/02/2015) notes:

  • Added more options to the main menu, including the ability to clear your cache in case of any map loading issues.

Version 0.5.5233 (10/02/2015) notes:

  • Upgraded the game content server to a new host. Everything should have come over correctly but let us know if you see anything odd. Getting ready for launch!
  • Tweaked lobby logic for joining games.
  • Added fog selection into craft mode.
  • Properly locked away blocks that shouldn't be available.
  • Bunch of bug fixes.

Version 0.5.5137 (23/01/2015) notes:

  • Updated the main menu GUI - this should get you around the menus faster and easier than before. Let us know what you think!.
  • Adding MySkin avatars for players! More to come soon!
  • Added new LAN gameplay - host and join with your friends over LAN!
  • Added more new blocks all over the place.

Version 0.4.4985 (30/12/2014) notes:

  • Fixed a bunch of issues around crafting mode.
  • Fixed an issue with sound not playing.

Version 0.4.4965 (23/12/2014) notes:

  • New Networking Code
    • The entire multiplayer connectivity has been revamped using a new and improved client-server setup.
    • This will allow us to add a bunch of awesome features and improvements along the way, including LAN servers, more custom updates, faster connections, lower latency, and hack prevention.
    • As an added bonus, many of these features will be able to be changed server-side meaning you won't need to download an update to get the new improvements.
    • This is the first iteration, and it has everything needed to get in and get playing straight away, and we will continue to build on it and add to it as we move forward.
    • If you find any issues, please report them in the Support Forums.
  • Added a some new weapons and blocks and enemies.
  • Upgraded the AI on the enemies to be smarter.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs around score display.
  • Fixed some issues with audio playing incorrectly at times.
  • Added damage feedback when hitting enemies.
  • A bunch of other bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Merry Christmas!

Version 0.3.4844 (21/11/2014) notes:

  • Added some new blocks.
  • Improved weapon effects.
  • Fixed more cases of Audio not playing correctly.

Version 0.3.4791 (7/11/2014) notes:

  • Added in the ability to take a screenshot for your levels! In Craft mode, press Escape and click on the Screenshot icon to take or update your level's screenshot!
  • Added a bunch of new Avatars to select from.
  • Fixed a bug with some craft mode starting weapons not being set correctly.
  • Fixed some cases with Audio not playing correctly.
  • Fixed Craft mode games not being listed properly in the Co-Op Crafting menu.
  • Improved weapon bob animation and better feedback when you are out of ammo with the current gun.

Version 0.3.4756 (31/10/2014) notes:

  • Gave the main menu a bit of a makeover :)
  • Added a bunch more blocks and new weapons.
  • Countless improvements to the GUI, game modes, server code and every little bit of the game.

Version 0.3.4578 (15/10/2014) notes:

  • Few bug fixes with some blocks and player lists.

Version 0.3.4567 (14/10/2014) notes:

  • Another big update!
  • Revamped User Interface - being built from the ground up to get you in to the game quicker, and to help find everything quicker. Any feedback or issues let us know on the forums.
  • New game lobbies for making a server with a custom map rotation!
  • New blocks - most notably the Gold Theme for all gold founders!
  • Founder status symbol updates! Anyone who has purchased silver or gold founder should start seeing their levels flagged as such. If you have any issues please contact us on the forums!
  • New game modes - Infection and Gun Game.

Version 0.3.4287 (18/09/2014) notes:

  • Fixed a bug which caused levels to not save correctly after a period of inactivity

Version 0.3.4286 (26/08/2014) notes:

  • New Account Single-Sign On Functionality!
    • You can now upgrade your guest account to a full account
    • Add your email address and password and log-in to the game from any computer to access your levels on the go.
    • If you have multiple devices currently, you will be able to merge them together into a single account.
    • Note that only one device can be logged in at a time - if you log in from a new location, the original session will be ended.
  • Fixed bug with craft mode not saving when you entered test mode.
  • Crafting test mode can now test using your choice of game mode

Version 0.3.4222 (18/08/2014) notes:

  • New Multiplayer hosting option: Friendly Fire. Toggle on or off for team-based games!
  • New Multiplayer Game Modes!
    • Team Deathmatch - Just like Deathmatch, but with two teams
    • Last Man Standing - Each player has a set number of lives - after losing all your lives you are out for the rest of the round, Last Man Alive wins!
    • Team Survival - Just like Last Man Standing, but split into two teams, with a total life pool for your entire team.
  • New craft mode blocks, including:
    • Dialogue Block - Display text when a player enters the block
    • Light Block - A universal light, fully customisable in colour, range, and strength
    • End Block - An updated end block, which in Single Player mode allows you to transition and load into one of your other levels.
  • Heaps more performance boosts - the game should run much better now, and load even faster.

Version 0.3.4136 (12/08/2014) notes:

  • Support for Split-Screen local multiplayer gaming. Connect up to 8 controllers, along with your Keyboard and Mouse, for up to 9-player split-screen. Set up multiple players from the Split Screen option at the main menu.
  • New / modified craft mode blocks. Check out the new unified Lighting block, Sound block and new Message blocks (show text to players in a Single Player campaign).
  • More Performance Improvements for level loading and gameplay.

Version 0.2.5422 (28/06/2014) notes:

  • Heaps more performance improvements for gameplay and quitting rounds.

Version 0.2.5393 (06/06/2014) notes:

  • Bunch of performance improvements for gameplay, multiplayer matches, and quitting rounds.

Version 0.2.5337 (15/05/2014) notes:

  • New Craft Mode Feature - Near Block Placement. By holding down Left Control in craft mode, you can place a block right in front of you (no need to build off another block to get to new areas)
  • New Craft Mode Feature - Repaint Block. By holding down Left Shift in craft mode, you can replace an existing block with your currently selected block (no need to delete it first, just swap it out in one click)

Version 0.2.5334 (09/05/2014) notes:

  • 2 new weapons in the Bierenstein pack: the Loogie; an effective basic handgun, and the Nutcracker; a devastating chaingun with enough recoil to be used as a jetpack! Naturally Bierenstein weapons don't need reloading and can be toggled to and from the centre of the screen.
  • Orbit skybox fixes
  • Spawn weapons now save and load correctly
  • Netcode improvements for weapons
  • Improved muzzle flashes
  • Misc bug fixes

Version 0.2.5317 (24/04/2014) notes:

  • Improvements to the trigger system
  • Lighting system optimisations
  • Bunch of new blocks for the new Too Rockin' theme pack (more to come shortly!)
  • Two new guns! X24 Lobster a jackhammer plasma rifle with projectiles that explode when they hit living targets, and the Buffalo X4 a magazineless quad rocket launcher

Version 0.2.5262 (11/04/2014) notes:

  • Tweaked the build menus in crafting mode for use with PC (should be easier and faster to use now)
  • Added a bunch of new blocks with trigger uses - button, levers, and pressure plates - to be hooked up to control other blocks (e.g. lock / unlock a door)
  • A bunch of bug fixes
  • Fixing up Avatar animation issues with the new avatars

Version 0.2.5230 (04/04/2014) notes:

  • Fixed an issue with updating not being displayed correctly for new versions causing problems.

Version 0.2.5227 (03/04/2014) notes:

  • Added a bunch of new avatars to the game
  • Fixed some misc bugs in the game

Version 0.2.5201 (23/03/2014) notes:

  • Fixed an issue some users were getting with their levels missing / showing other players levels. You should have your old levels back. Sorry about the mixup!

Version 0.2.5199 (21/03/2014) notes:

  • Brand new Menu GUI! It has been reworked from the ground up to work with controllers, as well as keyboard and mouse. Try it out and let us know what you think of it!
  • With the announcement of Gunscape coming to Xbox One, we have released the new controller support! Currently it will only connect to an Xbox 360 controller, but more controller support will be coming soon!
  • Enemies in Single Player Maps! You can now place some enemies into your maps and fight against them in Single-Player campaigns. This is just the beginning of the enemies, with more coming soon!
  • More bug fixes and improvements.

Version 0.2.5072 (12/03/2014) notes:

  • Fixed issue in Capture the Fish game mode not assigning players to a team properly in some conditions.

Version 0.2.5070 (11/03/2014) notes:

  • Bug fixes for Capture the Fish game mode.
  • Updated server list to display game mode, along with the name and level title.
  • Added new special block - Teleporters!

Version 0.2.5056 (10/03/2014) notes:

  • Fixed a bug with the new game mode - Capture the Fish is now ready to be played!

Version 0.2.5031 (07/03/2014) notes:

  • Added in a very early version of a new game mode.

Version 0.2.5015 (07/03/2014) notes:

  • Updated Crafting mode server creation - The host now must give each other player permissions to edit their level. They can also kick players from the game.
  • Craft mode will save your selected blocks when you jump in and out of test mode
  • Fixed chance of losing your level when you save it while in a multiplayer crafting session with another player as the host
  • Craft mode added ability to choose what starting weapon and starting ammo the player will have
  • Added in skyboxes! Choose one for your level in the Level Settings screen!
  • Updated GUI to fit to bigger screens - this will be ongoing as we fix up little bits and pieces.
  • Added in some more pieces to build levels with
  • Added in level voting - vote your favourite levels up and sort by popular levels when hosting a game
  • Fixed level browser getting stuck on page 2
  • More improvements to server-side code for stability
  • Updated Shoot game creation screen to add new hosting options (some are disabled and coming soon)
  • Added a quit button to the main menu

Version 0.2.4901 notes:

  • Fixed a bug with level listings in Shoot mode not showing any results
  • Fixed leaderboards showing old data in Shoot mode

Version 0.2.4891 notes:

  • Improved menu flow - it should now be easier to craft your levels
  • Further improvements to server stability
  • Fixed some crash bugs

Version 0.2.4875 notes:

  • Improved server stability - you should be able to upload and retrieve levels from the server more reliably now
  • Fixed misc bugs with craft mode not saving your levels properly
  • Added ability to play and create your levels while offline

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