Gunscape Launch!

The wait is over!

Gunscape is now available on Steam (PC / Mac / Linux), Xbox One and PS4!

We’re really happy to see that the game has been well received (head to our Twitter to see some of the reviews!), and we can’t wait to see and try the maps you guys are creating, and to play with you too!

And WiiU users... don’t worry! We’re working on the WiiU version as we speak!

Enjoying the game? Found a bug or want us to fix something? Please leave a comment below and let us know, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook!


Gunscape got Greenlit!

Something awesome happened in the first week of 2015! Gunscape was officially accepted into Steam via the Greenlight process! A big thank you to everyone that voted and especially to our long term players who participate in the Official Gunscape Steam group! I really think having the active group on Steam helped us getting Greenlit.

We'll try to get the game into an Early Access state before the full launch, but it will only be if there is some substantial time until launch. Again, another big thank you from the whole team at Blowfish!


Gunscape begins

Busy prepping the Gunscape website, Kickstarter and Greenlight!

Only a few more days to go...