Upcoming scheduled games, public map tests etc...
by ben Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:54 pm

We are holding our first public Gunscape tournaments at PAX Australia! If you can visit our booth on any of the 3 days you might be able to play for 1 of 6 coveted, extremely, limited edition Gunscape figurines.

The team is confident that the game is ready to be used competitively... fingers crossed! The plan is to be playing 6 player split screen on an Xbox One and we'll be doing both Free-For-All DeathMatch tournaments and a 3v3 Capture-The-Flag tournament. Gunscape will be on display as one of the PAX Aus Indie Showcase winners at booth #AIS5!

So come one, come all, partake in some Gunscape fury!

6 Player split-screen 3v3 CTF - an example of the upcoming tournament action!

CG renders - final prizes may vary in quality.


Competition Details

Registration from 10am each day, at our booth #AIS5

Ranked matches start from 11am, at our booth #AIS5

Friday, 31st October - 6 player FFA DM

Saturday, 1st November - 3v3 CTF

Sunday, 2nd November - 6 player FFA DM


  • Blowfish Studios reserves the right to final rulings. All decisions will be final.
  • Limited number of player spots each day, get in early.
  • If competitions are cancelled for any reason, we'll still give out the prizes through lucky draw.


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