If you got any bugz or issues with the game, shoot us down here.
by DOOMlover Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:43 pm
I know I've posted a question about the fog seemingly not working on Xbox One for a good year or two now. In short, no matter what level the fog is set at, it's a crap shoot as to whether it will show up in play or test mode. Sometimes it shows, sometimes it appears set to zero.

I was goofing around at work and loaded up the PC Steam version just now. The fog seems to work in test mode, although you have to turn it to like 100% to see any effect when you test the map. However, if I played published maps. the fog seems to work.

Is this only an Xbox One issue? Any PS4 players still around?

Unrelated, I was really annoyed to see that the fog affects the enemy lighting. Annoyed in that, I have always disliked that the level lighting doesn't affect enemies, and they always seem to be at full brightness, even when it's a dark lighted level. With fog working, you at least get some haze on the enemies and they look less garish. Much better looking! I think I already know the answer, but any chance this will EVER get fixed on Xbox One?

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