Give us your crazy ideas about what can be added and changed to Gunscape.
by LastNoobn Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:17 pm
This sounds like pure insanity, but it might just work for the kind of game that Gunscape is. Free to play.

1. To round up as much people as possible. Exposure. Word of mouth goes a looong way.

2. Encourages DLC. Hints the different themes.

The game's strength is campaign building. Then there's players who don't really like to build, but like to shoot everything. The players who like to create the maps will be buying the dlcs.

The reason why it should be free to play is to keep the community large and healthy, and it could potentially lure people in that may have just thought it was just another Minecraft clone, which is just simply not the case. It could potentially give the game enough exposure to the public.

Skins for a single group of enemies could be like five bucks a pop and a new theme could be ten bucks. DLC like, weapons, a single boss, trees, cars, home appliances, circus, world war 2 sand bags.

Things like this as a campaign creator i wouldn't mind paying for all the time, hehe.

With Gunscape you guys were too nice with the DLC prices but asked for a little too much for the base game, which turned off a lot of people. It should be the other way around.

Truely if its free to play, the base game could include just 1 or 2 themes and you guys could just dive in with dlc, and i think it may actually encourage more content being made regularly.

I think a nice starting theme would be military or knights. Then with either two include zombies that include a skin dlc so they could work with the knights or modern theme.
by DOOMlover Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:29 am
Go back through the old posts; you’re not the first to suggest these ideas. I think sabotur and the other ps4 players around that time were big on pushing this idea, but blowfish was not. They’re sticking to the pay for everything model. But isn’t it true that right now at least on steam you can play whatever you want on gunscape for free? (Plus you get two free random themes for building)? So maybe blowfish is right that this model doesn’t translate to interest and purchases?
by LastNoobn Fri Jun 22, 2018 5:52 pm
Interesting, i didn't know there was free DLC on PC. I mainly play on the PS4. The last i checked the base game was like thirty bucks on PC.

Yeah, my theory was that it may bring in numbers of people and those who just wouldn't give it a chance. :|

Blowfish was so lineant on their DLC (four US dollars a theme), i thought the themes could be at least 10 bucks each and just include one theme free for the base game.

But i dont know the statistics. Just a gut feeling with how the public felt about it.
by DOOMlover Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:12 pm
Not free dlc on pc but I think if you do the free trial they give you two random themes from amongst the normal themes to try out.

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