Maps of the Week #45

Hello, everyone!

So this week we have quite a few (6!) maps listed. We’re always happy when we find so many good maps!


Title: Temple of Dreadnaught

Creator: BROMAN$$$$$

Type: Co-Op

If you’re looking for a challenging map with a futuristic theme, this is the one for you! In this map, you’ll only get a few weapons (but plenty of ammo) to confront a series of difficult monsters. You’ll even begin with a boss! The design of this map is pretty cool as well, and you might even have to survive some traps to progress.


Title: Ice Temple Ruins

Creator: LinkIsWeak

Type: FFA

A beautiful and big map for all your FFA needs! This map has 3 different “areas” (a rock one, an ice one and then a forest one), but it’s connected all over on the ground level. You’ll get all kinds of weapons, from simple ones to 1HKO ones. Like we said, the map is quite big so you’ll have to explore to find treasures and some hidden weapons! (Hint: Maybe go on top of the rocks?)

Title: Team Battle

Creator: superman24x7

Type: Team

This map is specifically made for team matches, so grab your friends and try it! This is also a sort of space-themed map, and the design is quite interesting. You’ll begin with a couple of basic weapons, but if you explore the map, you’ll find a few good ones! The good thing is that the map isn’t quite big itself, so it works for small groups as well as big ones, but you will still get about 3 “levels” where you can fight against others.

Title: annoying parkour1

Creator: wheatley

Type: Co-Op

As the title says, this map can be quiiite annoying, but we guess that’s what makes it special. The map is basically a few platforms and a lot of jukeboxes… like… a lot. So you will get the music the whooole time. What can be more annoying, though, is finding your way through the map, as the areas are quite similar, which means that you might end up going backwards instead of progressing (which totally didn’t happen to us… no…).

Title: The Maze

Creator: Nahval

Type: Co-Op

This is the first part of a campaign and it’s quite good! It’s definitely a hard map, as it has a lot of enemies that will chase you around (hint hint: maybe some dinos… and other things) and you’ll only get a few weapons, so you’ll have to use them carefully! If you want a challenge, this is the campaign for you!


Title: TF2 Turbine

Creator: Catastrophic Failure

Type: Team

This is a map inspired on the TF2 “Turbine” map. Like the original, it’s a capture the flag one, and it has different areas that simulate the ones in the original map, and your team will get a nice variety of weapons. There are many halls and tunnels that you can explore here, so you might get lost, but that makes it more fun right?

Enjoying any other maps? Just finished your own and want us to check it out? Leave us a comment below with the name of it and we’ll test it! And if you think that we missed any good map, let us know too!

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