Maps of the Week #43

Hi, everyone!

We’re back on schedule and we’re happy to see all of these new and cool Gunscape maps :)


Title: Ten Trials

Creator: Anorexic_Buddah

Type: Co-Op

This is definitely one of the hardest trap-based maps you’ll find out there. This map uses our traps and the environment in a really cool way! It gives you different “trials” or challenges to overcome and you won’t only have to be good at playing the game, but also good at solving some puzzles and discovering secrets, because you’ll get a lot of those and you won’t be able to progress without solving them!

Title: Derp

Creator: ToatFish

Type: FFA

This is a futuristic or space-themed map! While the map is quite open, the areas where you can fight are quite small, as it’s mostly bridges that join some small areas. You do get a nice variety of weapons though, and there are two “levels”, so depending on where you are or spawn, you’ll get different opportunities.

Title: Chaos Maze!

Creator: SAM6SIX6

Type: FFA / Team

What happens when you introduce a maze-type of map into a multiplayer game? Well, this map! You will have to do more than just fighting your friends in this map because you will also have to find them and to find your way! Don’t worry though, dead ends also get you to places, as you might find some weapons in them. Possibly better for big groups, as the map can be quite big, but medium sized groups might work as well.

Title: Factory Accident

Creator: Chair Wielder

Type: FFA / Team

The description of this map says that this is an abandoned Martian factory and it looks like one! The map basically has two areas, one outside, which is small, contained by walls and it just basically surrounds the main inside area: the factory. The factory itself isn’t too big either, so this map would work for big and small groups. There’s two floors on this area, and you’ll only get a few weapons, so be mindful of that!

Enjoying any other maps? Just finished your own and want us to check it out? Leave us a comment below with the name of it and we’ll test it! And if you think that we missed any good map, let us know too!

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