Maps of the Week #42

Hi, everyone!

Yes, we know it has been a while! But with PAXAus and the Siegecraft Commander announcement, we’ve been a bit busy!

But don’t worry, we’re back with the maps, and because we took a break, we have a lot of them in this week’s list!


Title: Vanguard

Creator: Anorexic_Buddah

Type: FFA

This creator always makes really cool maps, and this isn’t the exception! Get lost in this map that is sort of a maze, with lots of secret rooms and areas that you will need to explore. It’s worth it getting lost though, as you might find some secrets (like special weapons…) waiting for you. And if you can’t find them, well, the map offers you a nice variety of weapons anyway, so you can fight your friends in the different areas that this map has.

Title: Alien goatnappers

Creator: hunerisiss

Type: Co-Op

A map with a funny and interesting premise! Your goat has been kidnapped by aliens and now you have to rescue it. This map is a bit of a space open-world, in the sense that you can take different paths, and that makes it fun. Plus, it can be quite challenging too, as the monsters you fight are strong. Oh… and there’s bosses too, so there’s a bit for everyone.

Title: Terminal (Gunscape Edition)

Creator: InfiniteRipper23

Type: FFA / Team

A huge map that is perfect for big groups! It is inspired on Terminal from CoD: MW2 and like the original, it’s quite fun. There’s a sort of central area, and then you have the outside of the building. You also get a few different rooms or areas (they’re quite big after all) to explore and to jump around. We believe that this map works as FFA or Team, but you might enjoy it more as Team.

Title: Tri-Factor

Creator: InfiniteRipper23

Type: FFA / Team

As the name says, this map is a couple of islands joined by one in the middle. In Team mode, you also get a castle for each team, which makes some gamemodes like CtF quite fun! You start with a 1HKO weapon, so if you want a fast-paced map where everything’s sort of “contained”, this is the map for you.

Title: warship ''titan'' ep 2

Creator: barsyk barsykov

Type: Co-Op

This is a campaign with two parts so far, and we hope that there are more! Both parts and especially the second one, are quite fun. While small, they’re well designed and well balanced. You’ll get the resources you need and you’ll have to solve puzzles to progress. If you want a sort of fast paced map that will make you want more, this is the one for you.

Title: Station 86

Creator: Spikey4444

Type: FFA

This is one of those futuristic and space-like maps. In a contained medium-sized arena, you’ll have a few buildings that you can explore, and a nice variety of weapons to use, including a few 1HKO, which makes it fun. This is the kind of map that both small and big groups will enjoy, especially if you like our Gauss Gun...

Title: team halo 3

Creator: freddy 507

Type: Team

Design-wise, this is a simple map, but it works pretty well! If you’re looking for a map for a team match with small groups, this is the one for you. There’s 3 “jobs” per side, each one getting different weapons, and a small arena where you fight in the middle of both areas. There’s no place to hide, really, so this will be a challenging map for you and your friends!

Enjoying any other maps? Just finished your own and want us to check it out? Leave us a comment below with the name of it and we’ll test it! And if you think that we missed any good map, let us know too!

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