Maps of the Week #41

Hi, everyone!

We have a nice variety of maps this week. We’re sure there’s something for everyone here!


Title: jungle war 2

Creator: TheCrafter

Type: Co-Op

The second part of a really cool jungle campaign! In this map, you basically infiltrate in a nazi base in the middle of the jungle! While each part is kind of small, we’re sure that the whole campaign will be great! It has a nice look-and-feel, and the map is quite intricate itself. It'll have you wandering around solving puzzles and killing enemies for a while!

Title: Idontknowaname:D

Creator: Tntdestroyr

Type: FFA / Team

The creator of this map says that the map is better for team deathmatch, and we can see how! The design of this map is quite simple, but it works really well as multiplayer! You get a nice variety of weapons and enough space to explore, hide and run around, as well as traps and secret rooms! If you want a simple but fun map, this is the one for you.

Title: Nuketown

Creator: Zav. G

Type: FFA

A recreation of the popular Call of Duty map, Nuketown! Yes, we know we have featured a few of these, but they always end up surprising us! And aesthetic-wise this one is a bit different from the ones we’ve seen before. As the original, the map is quite small and contained, which is good for both small and big groups. And there might be a secret room that you have to discover… maybe.

Title: Into the Trenches

Creator: CMDJADEN735

Type: Co-Op

We usually get trenches war-themed maps as multiplayer maps, but this one is a co-op one! It’s nicely designed, with different groups of trenches that work like mazes. You really need to explore them all to proceed, so the puzzle is a plus! You also get enough weapons and health to survive, but it might be hard and you might have to restart a few times.

Enjoying any other maps? Just finished your own and want us to check it out? Leave us a comment below with the name of it and we’ll test it! And if you think that we missed any good map, let us know too!

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