Maps of the Week #39

Hi, everyone!

We only have a few maps this week, but we promise they’re pretty good!


Title: The Lost Temple

Creator: Chipdip1026

Type: Co-Op

This map will drive you crazy like a real temple! The map itself is mostly about avoiding lots of traps and investigating the place. Like really. You’ll get to a point where there is a maze and it took us AGES to find the exit! So this is a good map if you want a sort of mental (and patience) challenge.

Title: Atlantis Escape

Creator: snip3rj0e6788

Type: Co-Op

The story here is pretty much that you’re trapped in an underwater lab and you have to escape it! The map itself might feel small for our veteran players, but it has a nice look-and-feel that it makes you feel in an underwater lab. Plus, it might be perfect if you’re looking for something fun but that won’t take much of your time.

Title: snipers paradise

Creator: chungdungw

Type: Team

This is a simple map in design, but interesting in the gameplay! Basically, you have two platforms with rooms on each side where you can find weapons. Both platforms are floating opposite from each other (but there’s quite a distance between them) and the objective is to kill the other team with the weapons you have. There’s a type of weapon for every type of sniper, and if you like sneakily killing opponents from the distance, you’ll enjoy this one.

Enjoying any other maps? Just finished your own and want us to check it out? Leave us a comment below with the name of it and we’ll test it! And if you think that we missed any good map, let us know too!

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