Maps of the Week #36

Hi, everyone!

This week, we have all sorts of short or small maps, but they’re all quite different and fun! So we hope you enjoy them.


Title: Jungle Village

Creator: TheCrafter

Type: FFA / Team

A sort of small jungle and temple-like map! Don’t get us wrong, though, this map might be small in comparison to others, but it’s very well designed! You get the weapons you need, and you can also decide to jump around the map to escape, if you prefer that. Plus, this jungle also comes with a temple area, and yes! You can get inside the temple, and maybe you’ll find a secret there. Maybe.

Title: Death Bowl

Creator: Tacky 86

Type: FFA

This map is basically what the name says: a death bowl. It’s a small coliseum or bowl type of map, where you get a really big variety of weapons (really, there’s something for everyone here!), and you’ll have to jump and run around the map to kill your enemies. While the design is pretty simple, this kind of mechanic is always fun and it’s suitable for both small and large groups of people.

Title: Enemy Madness Chpt. 3

Creator: Cpt. FreeKiller

Type: Co-Op

The third part of what promises to be an interesting campaign. This campaign makes you feel like you’re jumping different dimensions or worlds. Each part basically uses a different theme, and makes you fight different monsters and bosses. While each part is small, it can be quite challenging, as you’ll only get limited resources, and some parts even include traps and parkour!

Title: Dino Reluska Chaptor 1

Creator: Cpt. FreeKiller

Type: Co-Op

Another map by this creator, and it looks like they have lots of good ideas! This one is a sort of prehistoric jungle map, and we love it. As an actual jungle, there’s a chance you might get lost in this map. You have to go back and forth a lot and solve puzzles to be able to progress, and well, of course, avoid some traps in your way! A short but fun map.

Title: Portal

Creator: UsualRocket7846

Type: Co-Op

This map is quite interesting. In design and look-and-feel, it’s a bit different to what we usually see. It does have some portal mechanics (made with our teleporters), and well, it reminds you of the game as well! While the map is only a few rooms, and you might finish it fast, it’s the aesthetic what got our attention, and making us realise that a Portal map is totally a possibility!

Enjoying any other maps? Just finished your own and want us to check it out? Leave us a comment below with the name of it and we’ll test it! And if you think that we missed any good map, let us know too!

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