Maps of the Week #33

Hi, everyone!

We know, we know. We’re late again, but it’s because we’re working on a different project, and it takes some time! But we’ll try to be on time next time!!


Title: Team Fortress 2 - 2Fort (With Classes)

Creator: SAmik37

Type: Team

This map is inspired in the popular Team Fortress 2 map “2 Fort”. Perfect for team battles, this map allows every member of the team to have a different class. Be a sniper, a spy, a soldier, a mechanic, among other classes, get your weapons and then join the fight. Not only the idea of giving people classes is good, but the arena where you’ll fight is also quite well designed and resembles the original!


Title: Gunscape from Nazi spaceship

Creator: Octahedron

Type: Co-Op

Maps of nazi castles are a classic in Gunscape, right? Well, this map is one of those nice classics, but the design has a twist. The look and feel of this map isn’t only based on one of our themes, but on a few of them, making it look like a different kind of Nazi bunker… or well, a spaceship, as the name says. You’ll also get to shoot a lot of nazis and get to solve several puzzles, so you’re going to like it!

Title: Nazi Bunkers in Jungle

Creator: SAmik37

Type: Co-Op

This map is similar to the previous one, in the sense that it’s a nazi bunker and you’ll have to fight a lot of these enemies, but this bunker is located in the middle of a jungle! And yeah, you’ll also get different monsters to fight, as some dinos will pop up from places you don’t expect! We like the design of this map, it has a nice variety of weapons and enough puzzles to keep you entertained!


Title: Omega Research Bunker

Creator: LCamilo

Type: Team

We’ve got a few laboratories or bunkers maps lately. While it’s becoming a classic, this map is still just as good as the ones we’ve featured before! The map is a bit small, but it has an intricate design. Like any good bunker, you have different levels or areas to explore, with rooms and also outside areas. The map also has a puzzle you need to solve to get to certain areas! We you and your friends will have fun playing this one.

Enjoying any other maps? Just finished your own and want us to check it out? Leave us a comment below with the name of it and we’ll test it! And if you think that we missed any good map, let us know too!

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