Maps of the Week #32

Hi, everyone!

Whoops! We’re quite late this time, but we’re working on exciting projects right now, so we didn’t have much time! Better late than never though, right?


Title: The 10 Floors

Creator: Halo Flames

Type: Co-Op

Like the title says, this map is basically 10 floors with different enemies and challenges. Sounds simple, but it was quite a ride! We really liked how each floor was balanced and how the learning curve seemed to increase each time. Plus, you don’t only get monsters, but some levels are mostly traps, or monsters AND traps! You will get different weapons, adequate for the type of room you get, so there was a lot of thought that went into this map! Definitely one you need to try.


Title: [SLr] Kurosawa 2

Creator: Storm Lord ast

Type: Co-Op / FFA / Team

A remake of one of our favourite maps! If you have played the original Kurosawa map, then you’ll definitely love this one. Set in feudal Japan and with a very Japanese look-and-feel, this map will make you feel like a real ninja. Infiltrate through secret entrances and windows, find some weapons (and now with more variety!), and fight others either on the ground or on top of a building! There are also good weapons that are hard to get, so that makes it challenging as well.

Title: SimpleAdventureLvl3

Creator: Halo Flames

Type: Co-Op

The third part of a cool campaign! This campaign is getting better and better with each new part. Each part is small, but it’s packed with everything you could ask for. There are traps, different enemies and weapons, puzzles you need to solve, and platforms you need to jump to and from. This is a campaign that we think you’re going to enjoy!

Title: Mars research Base

Creator: TheCrafter

Type: FFA / Team

This map is an open arena map that fits deathmatch type of games. In this map, almost everything is out there to kill you! No, it won’t just be your enemies, but also the environment, as there are big pools and rivers of acid all around the map. Climb and jump around the two towers to get better weapons. And that’s not all! This map also hides a couple of secrets that you will have to unveil.

Enjoying any other maps? Just finished your own and want us to check it out? Leave us a comment below with the name of it and we’ll test it! And if you think that we missed any good map, let us know too!

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