Featured Maps is back!

Hi, everyone!

Due to popular demand, we’re back with a new and updated version of Maps of the Week!

This segment is now going to be called Featured Maps, and it’s going to be posted every 2 weeks, usually on Friday (Australia time), so you have the entire weekend to try our suggestions.

Like its predecessor, Featured Maps is a post that includes all of our favourite community-made maps of the fortnight.


What do you get?

Okay, so why would you wanna do this? Well, if your map is amongst the chosen ones, it will be featured in a few places:

  1. Editor Picks on the main screen of the game

  2. Featured Maps post on the Gunscape website

  3. And that post will be shared on our social media

So basically… all the bragging rights, which sounds pretty good, right? ;)

Requirements to be Featured

If you remember the old conditions to be featured, then you might want to skip this post, but if you don’t remember them or just don’t know them, then make sure that your maps include all of the following elements!

  1. You need to create your map sometime between the two weeks previous to the post. We’ll check maps on Thursdays (Sydney time), so make sure that your map is ready by then.

  2. Your map needs to include at least one screenshot (if you don’t know how to do this, we made a tutorial post!).

  3. Your map needs to have a name (“Level Name” and “Level Description” don't count).

  4. You can make your map on let’s say the day after the post is up, and keep editing it during the 2 weeks you have, but we’re going to judge it on the day before they the post goes up (so, it has to be ready by Thursday).

Regarding suggestions

  1. If you didn’t finish your map on time, but you still want us to check it out, just drop us a message or contact us on social media and we’ll check it! Just let us know.

  2. If you want to suggest a map (even if it’s an old one!), then let us know and we’ll check it out! Just make sure that it fulfills the requirements that were stated above.

So work on you maps and create new ones! We’re looking forward to test your maps and find the new community favourites!


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