Featured Maps #5

What’s up everyone!

Welcome to the fifth edition of our Featured Maps! We’re glad to hear that you guys seem to be enjoying these posts and that you’re trying all the recs!

We're also bringing FishPlay back next week and we hope you're looking forward to that!


Title: Freighter 46

Creator: KneonT

Type: Co-Op

The first three parts of this campaign are up and we can tell you that we’ve been enjoying them a lot! This map isn’t so much about enemies (but you do get a fair bit of action!) as it is about the story and how well designed the whole place is. Lots of puzzles to solve and a lot of walking around the map as well. Also the enemies might surprise you… I got the equivalent of a jump scare at some point and it was well planned!

Title: Cem VS Mac

Creator: Mac_Aroni

Type: Team

This is one of those maps that might appear simple, but has a bit of everything. You have a nice variety of weapons, buildings where you can hide, trampolines that let you get to the top areas of the buildings, an arena where you can fight, and also a trap (in the form of lava that covers pretty much everything…). This seems to be a good option to play with your friends and in different game modes!

Title: The Box

Creator: Dominator

Type: FFA / Team

Most FFA or Team games have the players fighting each other, but this map gives the formula a twist. Instead of only fighting your opponents, here you’ll have to defend yourself from the environment as well! It’s a little bit like the floor is lava, except the floor is electricity. And with weapons that require close combat, then you’ll have to travel a bit to get to your opponent and kill them, so be careful!

Title: Air Arena

Creator: Charles V

Type: FFA / Team

We always like it when you guys come up with new ways of using our tools, and we think this map does that. Instead of using trampolines or teleporters, this map uses the swords in our new DLC, and their ability to teleport you to other places (hint: right click to get teleported winkwink). The map is basically an arena in the mid-air, and you have to teleport from platform to platform to be able to move around. That combined with your classic FFA or Team modes makes this a quite fun map!


if you’re enjoying any other map, or if you just finished your own and want to show us, just leave a comment here or on our forum, or drop us a message on any of our social media accounts!

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