Featured Maps #2

What’s up, everyone!

We're here with the second edition of our Gunscape Featured Maps!

We're quite excited because we're happy to see that we're getting suggestions from the community! This week, we have a couple of people who asked us to check their maps and we loved them!



Creator: LoopyFun369

Type: Co-Op

Another map in the Goldeneye series, and like most of these, it’s a good one! The look-and-feel makes you feel like you’re in a real jungle, and even if the storyline is quite short, it helps to the general feel of the map. If you leave the original settings, you’ll have plenty of ammo and health to survive, but if you want a challenge, you can always lower the respawn rate. There are enough enemies to fight anyway, so we’re sure you’ll have fun with this one!

Title: Abandoned

Creator: jackthejollykid

Type: Co-Op

The design of this map is simply amazing. In some way, it might make you feel like you’re in an open world map, where there are some paths that don’t really lead anywhere important, but help to the look-and-feel of the map, and well, they also make the puzzles a lot harder. You will get enough items, and the map is quite balanced in terms of enemies. This map is also part of a campaign, and I’m sure that you’re gonna enjoy the whole campaign!

Title: Velleartha

Creator: Spikey4444

Type: FFA / Team

This might look like a simple map for some people, but it’s actually more complex than it apparently looks like! As an arena, it works pretty well. You get a nice variety of weapons (from our new DLC as well!) and the area is big enough that a lot of people can play together (or well… against each other), but it’s also contained. There are certain rooms with special items though, and rooms where you could hide or camp for a bit. Also… there’s a secret, but you’ll have to discover that yourself!

Title: Hide & Seek

Creator: AZ_Killz-_-

Type: Team

This map is quite an interesting concept. In here, as the description says, the map is basically a hide and seek game. The blue team is given a chance to hide in a series of buildings that are all built like mazes with a lot of rooms and halls to hide. And well, the red team has to chase and kill them! It’s the originality what drew us to this map and we think that with a good number of people, this would be a fun one!

Title: The Great Dam V1.5

Creator: Potato

Type: FFA

The map is exactly what you would expect from the title: it’s a huge dam! With a really nice design and look-and-feel, this map definitely makes you feel like a dam might be the perfect arena to fight on. This is a medium sized map, perfect for a small or a bigger group. The arena area itself is quite big, but there are also a few rooms that you can explore (and that might give you a few good weapons).

And remember that if you’re enjoying any other map, or if you just finished your own and want to show us, just leave a comment here or on our forum, or drop us a message on any of our social media accounts!

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