Featured Maps #18

What’s up everyone!

We have a nice variety of maps this time, but especially quite a few of multiplayer ones (designed for small groups too!) so gather your friends and try them out.

And now, let’s go to the maps!


Title: Vertical doom

Creator: arkgaming.rt

Type: FFA / Team

This is a well-designed castle-like map! The map is basically an arena with different levels (or platforms) all around it that you can access through jumping pads and sets of stairs, as well as some small bridges that connect them. The map, as the name indicates, is quite vertical, and maybe having that higher ground might help you. If it works in a fight, it works in Gunscape, right?

Title: Frozen desert arena

Creator: hunerisiss

Type: FFA

This map is exactly what the title indicates: an arena with two specific “environments”, an icy one and a desert one. Each area has specific weapons, but both have a good variety. It’d be recommended to explore both anyway, to find the weapons that you like. Both areas are also quite similar in design, with elevated areas and some underground passages, the only difference is the river-like floor on the icy part of the arena. This map might seem to be quite simple, but sometimes less is more and this arena works quite well for FFA!

Title: Bunker Wars

Creator: UltraCaveBuilder

Type: Team

Have you ever wanted to play a team deathmatch map with a few friends, but turns out that the map is too big for just a few people? Well, this map solves that problem! This map is a small arena (seriously, the arena itself is tiny) with a few blocks that can be used as covered, and part of the arena is also divided by glass windows. There’s also a lower level on each side, where you can get your ammo and weapons and you can also invade your enemies side and steal their resources!

Title: The prison part 1

Creator: Sir-Pop-N-Fresh

Type: Co-op

A short but well designed map! If you’re in a hurry and you wanna play just one more map, then this map is for you. This map is quite packed with action (especially if you leave the respawn at 3), and it has a couple of puzzles, so it’s quite fun, and the best part is that this map looks like the beginning of a campaign, we can’t wait for more!

Title: deathmatch for 3

Creator: trollface5333

Type: FFA

This map is quite different from what we’ve seen, it’s an arena for a 3 people deathmatch game! The arena is medium to small sized, but it has a lot of rooms and hallways where you can hide or maybe surprise your enemy. This map also has a good variety of weapons that you’ll be able to find spread evenly around it, and makes it fair for every player.


If you’re enjoying any other map, or if you just finished your own and want to show us, just leave a comment here or on our forum, or drop us a message on any of our social media accounts!

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