Featured Maps #17

What’s up everyone!

Welcome to the 17th edition of our Featured Maps! This time we have a nice variety of maps, and a really good campaign!.

And now, let’s go to the maps!


Creator: N4DA R31GN

Type: Co-op

Don’t we love it when we get a well designed and long campaign? And this is exactly that! This is a campaign with 12 maps, and right from the bat we can tell you that they’re well designed, not only in terms of progression and how balanced it is, but also how it looks. This map uses a lot of our tools to create new things (like “spaceships” made from some blocks and other items) and the general look-and-feel of the map is pretty good. Overall, this is one of those good maps you should definitely play!

Title: Jumping into space

Creator: Jappieduck

Type: Co-op

This map is basically parkour… in space! While this map is not purely a parkour map, it really integrates parkour into the mix very well! You will have to jump from block to block or platform to platform to be able to progress, and to kill some enemies here and there! If you like to jump around, then this will be the map for you.

Title: Sword Base (Beta)

Creator: XxDevilsnakexX

Type: FFA

If you like sniper maps, then this map will definitely be with you. WIth just one option of weapon (our 1HKO Gauss Gun), and a sort of arena map with a building on each side, this map will awake the sniper in you. As mentioned, you’ll find two buildings on this map, connected by an arena in the middle, and a couple of bridges between them. This map also has quite a few “windows” or balconies (on different levels) where you can position yourself and try to snipe some people from.

Title: DeathWar Q1

Creator: Rikkun

Type: FFA

This is your classic death cage type of map. This map is shaped like a building with different levels and connected by the bottom of the building and a cross of bridges on the upper side. There’s only a few weapons to work with, but you’ll find that that's enough and that they’re quite catered for the type of map this is. We also want to give you all a hint and say that there’s more to this map than what it seems… check your corners ;)

Title: Gun game 3p

Creator: Rikkun

Type: FFA / Team

This is another classic. This map is composed by a series of small “islands” in the middle of space, and each one with its own theme, like an ice themed one, a forest one, a desert one, etc. All of these islands are connected by a few bridges, and you can also navigate them using the sword (once you find it!).


If you’re enjoying any other map, or if you just finished your own and want to show us, just leave a comment here or on our forum, or drop us a message on any of our social media accounts!

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