Featured Maps #15

What’s up everyone!

Welcome to the 15th edition of our Featured Maps!

We’ve got a nice balance of co-op and multiplayer maps this time! Let us know if we’ve missed a map that you’ve tried and liked recently!

And now, let’s go to the maps!

Title: Forgotten Forest

Creator: urbancommando86

Type: Co-Op

Once again, we start with a classic: you wake up somewhere you don’t really recognise and you find out that there has been a zombie infection! Works in movies, works in Gunscape. What we like the most about this map is that the map itself is a puzzle, or a maze if you might. You will have to go around it a few times to be able to progress, as there’s a few key cards that you need, and they are found all over the map. This map also has quite a bit of action! And enemies that might be waiting for you around the corner, so it’s quite fun!

Title: The Temple of Azradat [Chapter:1]

Creator: TazGiraffe

Type: Co-Op

This map is your typical “temple” and sort of adventure map. Here, you’re tasked with finding an old temple, and once you find it, you’ll get a surprise! With quite a few enemies to attack, and most of them hidden around corners or above you, the map might give you a few surprises, but that’s what makes it exciting. It’s a short map too so if you want some quick fun, this one is for you!

Title: Crimson Steel

Creator: VoltJolt112

Type: FFA / Team

This map is basically an open tower in a small arena, or we could also say that the arena is the tower! The tower is basically a few levels connected by jump pads and some ladders. Be careful though! There are a few traps spread around the map (in the shape of exposed cables) and if you jump too high or don’t calculare where you jump, you might die from electroshock! Overall, a nice small map, perfect for a bit of parkour and some fun with friends.

Title: Pool Day

Creator: PSJokela99

Type: Team

This map is an homage to the classic Pool Day map from CSGO. Like the original map, it’s a quite small team map that works really well as an arena, so this would be perfect if you only have a small group to play with. The map offers you a huge variety (and amount!) of weapons, and they’re all easy to find so just grab them and fight on the arena.


If you’re enjoying any other map, or if you just finished your own and want to show us, just leave a comment here or on our forum, or drop us a message on any of our social media accounts!

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