Featured Maps #14

What’s up everyone!

Welcome to the 14th edition of our Featured Maps!

This time we mostly have FFA and team maps! We actually found quite a few good maps and we couldn’t include them all this time, but we might next week!

And now, let’s go to the maps!

Title: Subzero Peak

Creator: VoltJolt112

Type: FFA / Team

We picked this map for it’s look-and-feel and design. This map simulates a sort of frozen valley, situated in the middle of a few mountains, and with a cliff in the middle of it. It reminds us a bit of those winter resorts. The map itself isn’t too big, so you can play it with small and big groups, and it offers many places to hide, places to shoot from and a nice variety of weapons. Overall, this is a nice and fully fleshed map, with a cool design, and you’ll have a lot of fun in it.

Title: Failed experiment-chapter 1

Creator: Octopus2503

Type: Co-Op

This is the beginning of a quite interesting campaign! The theme is a classic, a sort of laboratory that had some experiments go wrong, and now you have to be able to escape alive! With a few enemies to fight and a nice design, this map hits all the ticks. The nice twist to this campaign, though, is that you will have to solve a lot of puzzles to be able to progress. There’s a lot of rooms to explore so if you want a map with quite a few puzzles, this one's for you.


Creator: lol

Type: FFA

As the name says, this is an arena that looks like a castle! The main arena is a square in the middle of the map with 3 different levels and an open area in the middle of it. To be able to move through the levels though, you’ll have to go outside and use the different platforms, bridges and halls that connect the whole map. As in any castle, you might get a bit lost, but the map works well to both play in the arena, and also to play a bit of hide and seek.

Title: Blue VS Red

Creator: Rikkun

Type: Team

This map is your typical map with 2 forts (one for each team) and an arena in the middle. The twist is that this is map is set in space! So the arena in the middle is reduced to a few invisible blocks that you will need to parkour your way around them. If you don’t want to take the fight to the opposing team though, you can also bunker in your own fort and shoot your enemies from there, as you will have access to a lot of ranged weapons!

Title: Wrestling Arena

Creator: MrX1X

Type: FFA / Team

We love to see people using the tools they have and some themes to create things we couldn’t have imagined, and this map is a good sample of that! If you’re a wrestling fan, you’re going to like this map, as this map is modeled as your typical wrestling arena. And to give more of that wrestling feeling, this map has no weapons! You’ll have to fight with your fists and that makes it more exciting.

If you’re enjoying any other map, or if you just finished your own and want to show us, just leave a comment here or on our forum, or drop us a message on any of our social media accounts!

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