Featured Maps #12

What’s up everyone!

Welcome to the 12th edition of our Featured Maps!

We have quite a few co-op maps this week, and they’re all quite different, so you’ll find a lot of variety! Also a lot of new campaigns, which is exciting.

And now, let’s go to the maps!

Title: [LOOP] Star Wars Space Battle Diorama!

Creator: LoopyFun369

Type: Co-Op

Just a diorama for now, as the description says, but once again, if you like Star Wars, then you’re gonna like this one! It's basically the simulation of an epic Star Wars fight, and it's really well designed. You will really feel like you're in the middle of a battle or observing one!


Creator: soilder

Type: Co-op

Another really good parkour map! This one isn’t only calculated jumps and evading obstacles though, as you will also have a few enemies that, while they can’t touch you, they will make it harder for you to jump from platform to platform. This is also a bit long parkour map so if you want a long one, this is for you.

Title: The Battle of C7-2045

Creator: _byrne

Type: Co-op

This map is quite different from others. We don’t want to spoil it too much because it’s quite a surprise at the end! But it’s a really well designed map that uses a lot of our features and has an interesting story that plays out through the whole map! The one thing we can say is... don't expect too much action, this map is more about the experience! Try it out ;)

Title: FadeAway Chapter 1

Creator: _byrne

Type: Co-op

This map is the first part of what seems like it’s gonna be a good campaign! This map is mostly a set up, telling you the story, but it’s really well designed. It has quite a few npcs, and you can talk to all of them to discover more bits about the story. The design of the map and look-and-feel is quite good as well, as it will immerse you in the story even more. We’ll keep an eye on future updates!

If you’re enjoying any other map, or if you just finished your own and want to show us, just leave a comment here or on our forum, or drop us a message on any of our social media accounts!

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