Featured Maps #1

What’s up, everyone!

We’re here with the first edition of Featured Maps! If you’re not sure what Featured Maps is, just check this post and it’ll explain all about it.

If you want your maps to be considered, remember to fulfill the requirements, and as usual, if you have any suggestion or you want me to check out your map, you can always leave a comment here, on our Forum or on social media.


Title: Overthrown 1

Creator: N4DA R31GN

Type: Co-Op

Our first pick is the map that sort of encouraged us to restart this series. This map is based on our new DLC, Seismic, and it uses it so well! This is a well balanced campaign, which gives you the weapons, ammo and health packs that you need, and only that. The rest of it is up to you! The progression of this map feels good as well, as you will feel the map gets harder as you go, but you’ll get the weapons you need for that. Plus, the story and look and feel of the map go well together.

Title: Moth and Blood

Creator: Last-Noobn

Type: Co-Op

This is a campaign that I think we featured in a video or here before. Back then it was only one map though and now it’s a fully fleshed campaign! What we like the most about this one is progression. Each map is more difficult than the previous one, and you also get better weapons as you go. The maps are also well designed in terms of look and feel, and you’ll probably enjoy them a lot.

Title: In the SIM 3

Creator: _byrne

Type: Co-Op

This is the first part of a campaign. While the second and third parts seem to be a work in progress at the moment, the first map of this campaign is pretty good! It has an interesting story, and you’ll get plenty of action… oh, and a maze, a quite complicated maze.

Title: Bosses Defeated!!!!

Creator: Ivanov345

Type: Co-Op

Just as the name indicates, this is a map where you have to kill all the bosses! But don’t fear! You don’t have to kill them all at once. You’ll get different rooms with different monsters (usually strong ones or just bosses), and different weapons that will help you defeat them. Each room is also kinda designed to help you to achieve that. So if you like to kill strong monsters, this is your map!

Title: Black Mesa Escape

Creator: ?Brewhawk?

Type: Co-Op

A well balanced and well designed map. If you’re all about progression, getting better weapons and defeating stronger enemies as you go, then this is the map for you. As the name says, you’ll have to escape, and that will involve some puzzle solving, as well as killing everything that gets in your way.

Title: Space platform battle | FFA |

Creator: Dr4tyti_)

Type: FFA / Team

As the name says, this is an arena type of map that looks like a space platform! There will be a bit of parkour in this map, as you have to jump from one part of the platform to the other one, so be careful! The design of this map is probably what got our attention, as it’s quite messy, but it works well as an arena!

Quite a long list this time because we wanted to highlight a few maps!

And remember that if you’re enjoying any other map, or if you just finished your own and want to show us, just leave a comment here or on our forum, or drop us a message on any of our social media accounts!

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Hello Patricia Loopyfun369 here just added a new Goldeneye map to my Goldeneye campaign JUNGLE the campiagn is more of a singleplayer like the original game but co-op is possible i just wanted to say im interested in my new map being on the next Featured wall as i only finished it today.

Hi Loopyfun369! Thanks for the suggestion :) I'll test it for the next Featured Maps.

Hi Spikey4444! Sorry about the delayed reply! But I just tried Velleartha and I actually enjoyed it a lot :) I'm including it in our list!

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