Community Playdate #4: PS4 & Steam

Our Community Playdates are basically an opportunity for you guys to play (and chat) with us, and also an opportunity to play FFA and Team maps if you’re struggling to find people to try those maps with.

We'd also like to know if it'd be better to host these every 2 weeks? We'd like to play with a lot of you!

Here are the details for our third Community Playdate:

Platforms: PS4 & Steam

Day and time: Tuesday, February 27, at 11:00 AM - Sydney time (find your timezone here)

Room name: Blowfish Community Playdate

User: starsapphire

The idea is to play different maps between 30 minutes to an hour. The room will have the maximum capacity available, but if you miss out, we’ll have plenty of chances to join!

And remember to send us map suggestions if you wanna play a map in specific!

If you have any questions about these playdates, please let us know in the comments or send us a tweet and we’ll try to answer asap.

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